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Jobb - Forum Syd

Introduction Forum Syd

Forum Syd is a Swedish civil society organisation focusing on democracy and human rights, gender equality, and environment and climate change. Our vision is “a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change”. We believe in building strong civil societies where the power is shared by many and the resources are distributed fairly; where people have power to determine their own lives, influence their country’s development and, together, eradicate poverty.

Forum Syd is a member-based organisation which, from a rights-based approach, works with development issues through advocacy and capacity building of partner organisations. Forum Syd programmes are currently based in Colombia, Kenya, Belarus, Cambodia, Liberia and Somalia.

Description of concerned activities

Forum Syd’s email is currently based on a Microsoft Exchange 2010 system. The system consists of several virtual servers hosted in a data center located in Stockholm. The system contains approximately 170 active mailboxes plus various distribution groups and contact totaling approximately 268 GB. In addition, there is a public folder system totaling about 14 GB.

Forum Syd also has an actively used organisational Office 365 account. Forum Syd staff are regular users of Skype for Business, OneDrive and Teams. This system is integrated with Forum Syd’s on premise (located in the hosting center) active directory. Forum Syd’s accounts are currently licensed under Office 365 NGO Essentials licensing or Office 365 Professional Plus NGO licensing.

All systems are supported on an ongoing basis by QD, a mid-size technology support company located in Stockholm. Forum Syd plans to engage QDs project team to complete the technical migration of all email and public folder data from the current internal servers to Office 365 and to turn down the current email and public folder infrastructure. The technical portions of the project will be managed and implemented by QD’s technical project team. Forum Syd will engage a consultant to act as IT coordinator and manage the non-technical aspects of the projects to include:

  • Working with QD’s team to develop an appropriate project plan
  • Identify the best option for Office 365 licensing and allocate appropriate licenses for all Forum Syd staff
  • Leading internal discussions at Forum Syd relating to any mailbox changes or deletions that take place alongside this project
  • Setting expectations and managing communications with Forum Syd’s staff (including with global offices)
  • Developing any necessary instructions or internal documentation required as part of the project implementation
  • Ensuring appropriate contingency and quality control measures are developed and in effect during project implementation
  • Assisting on the cutover day to ensure all staff and offices are successfully cut over to Office 365
  • Identifying and coordinating response to follow up issues
  • Verifying that all tasks have been completed and closing the project

Assignment purpose, aims and objectives

  • The purpose of this assignment is to improve communication, quality and efficiency of the project implementation team while reducing disruption for Forum Syd staff as much as feasible.
  • Successful completion of this project will include the following objectives:
  • All Office 365 accounts have been switched toappropriate final licensing (likely Microsoft 365 E3 NGO or Office 365 E3 NGO)
  • Existing mailboxes, mail data, contacts, distribution groups and public folders have been successfully migrated to Office 365 except for any items that are agreed to be deleted as part of the planning process.
  • Public folders and contents have been successfully migrated to Office 365 except for any items that are agreed to be deleted as part of the planning process
  • All Forum Syd staff (including in global offices) have been connected to the new mailboxes via Outlook and mobile devices
  • Issues relating to the migration have been resolved to the agreement of the consultant and Director of Administration
  • Current mail servers have been turned off

Although the length of the project will depend on the schedule developed above, it is expected that the project should require approximately 12 weeks. The consultant is expected to work part time depending on the phase of the project. It will be necessary to visit the office for meetings and presentations, but other work can be completed from any location.


The suggested overall approach for this project is to:

  • Meet with QD’s account manager and technical project team to develop a quote and associated project plan
  • Once approved, send any necessary internal communications to inform Forum Syd staff and to set expectations
  • Lead any pre-migration discussions related to deleting unnecessary mailboxes and/or public folders
  • Once determined, allocate licensing in Office 365
  • Answer questions/coordinate activities with project implementation team as necessary
  • Develop and send cutover instructions to Forum Syd staff
  • Assist on cutover day to identify, track and verify resolution of problems
  • After cutover, work with Forum Syd staff to verify services are working normally
  • Verify current mail infrastructure has been turned down

 Reference Group/Forum Syd Support

Support Head of Administration, IT Coordinator, Global IT Team and Office administrator.


No specific written outputs from this project are expected. The consultant may be required to produce materials relating to project communicationon an as neededbasis.Most written communication should be conducted in English.


Consultant will report to Head of Administration, Petra Nergårdh. The consultant should report project status on a weekly basis in the form of a meeting (in person or via Skype) as well as an email summary.

Time scope

Forum Syd has estimated that the volume of the assignment amounts to a total of 30working days. The total scope of work will be aligned in consultancy with the winning tenderer. The assignment shall startas soon as possible but no later than 25 February.


The tenderer should propose a budget for the work described above. The budget should only include the consultant’s timeand any associated costs. QD’s project implementation costs and the cost of Office 365 licenses are a separate budget item outside the scope of this tender.

Tenderer's qualification

  • The tenderer is to meet the following expectations;
  • Documented knowledge and experience related to technical project management. Experience managing a prior Office 365 migration is a significant plus.
  • Excellent understanding of Office 365 and Exchange architecture
  • Demonstrated experience managing technical projects in a non-technical role
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English. Swedish is a significant plus.
  • Available for a start date not later than 25 February 2018
  • The consultant will commit to and sign Forum Syd’s Code of Conduct
  • The tenderer must make sure that subcontractors, if any, follow the same expectations

 Tender procedure

The assignment is subject to anopen tender procedure, handled directly by a Forum Syd assessment group (Petra Nergårdh, Simon Binder and Bénédicte Sjöstedt). The tenders will be assessed considering the following aspects;

  • The contents of the tender (that all the required information is enclosed)
  • The qualifications and experience of the tenderer
  • Experience from working with Forum Syd or a similar organisation
  • The cost for the tender

Questions concerning the tender can be posed to the contact persons indicated below. Forum Syd reserves the right not to accept any of the tenders submitted. In addition,Forum Syd reserves the right to take references on the proposed candidate. Forum Syd is not covered by the Swedish Public Procurement Act (LOU). This means that it is not possible to appeal against the decision of choosing a supplier and that Forum Syd is not obliged to disclose the procurement documentation after completion of procurement

Documentation and information required

Tenders shall:

  • State the qualifications of the person available for the assignment and attach a CV for her/him.
  • Confirm that they will be able to meet all expectations inthis document.
  • State the total cost of the assignment, specified in the form of the hourly feetimes the number of hours required plus any additional costs. All costs shall be given in Swedish kronor, excluding VAT.
  • Propose an estimatedtime schedule for the assignment

Final date of Submission

The tender, including all required information is to be submitted to Forum Syd by ordinary by e-mail to petra.nergardh@forumsyd.org as soon as possible but the latest February 25, 2019.

Validity of the Tender

Tenders shall remain valid for a period of 20 days.


All personal data we receive at Forum Syd will be handled in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By submitting you agree to us storing such information as a part of the tender selection process.


For further information, kindly contact;

Simon Binder
076-894 17 42, simon.binder@forumsyd.org

Petra Nergårdh
076-551 01 16, petra.nergardh@forumsyd.org