Terms of Reference: Experts/trainers

Jobb - Emmaus Björkå

This is a job advertisement from Emmaus Björkå.

About Emmaus Björkå

Emmaus Björkå is a Swedish solidarity organization founded in 1965. We employ 190 people and operate five stores in the south-west of Sweden where we sell second hand clothes, shoes, furniture etc. The revenue is used to fund cooperation with partners in the global South as well as Sweden. Today we work with partners in five countries with projects for people living under occupation, refugees, children, youth and people with disabilities. We receive funding from several Swedish back donors such as the Swedish Institute and Forum Syd. We are certified by “The Swedish Fundraising Control”.

About Seeds of Independence

After having worked with projects for many years we have recently initiated our first thee-year program funded by Forum Syd (2018-2020). The program includes six partner organizations, three Palestinian organizations and three Sahrawi organizations. Geographically they cover the West Bank, Gaza, Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, occupied Western Sahara as well as Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria.

Thematically the program focuses on media activism, advocacy work and youth leadership. The aim is preparing the next generation of Palestinian and Sahrawi leaders to lead the struggle for self-determination and, ultimately, lead their countries after independence.

About the training

In October 2019 we will arrange a network meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden where representatives from all program organizations will meet. Besides strengthening our network, facilitating cooperation and knowledge-sharing as well as planning and evaluating the program we also want to include training in two areas: anti-discrimination and youth work.

The training is related to the following aim of the program:

  • Program organizations have a high level of knowledge regarding the rights of young women and men under occupation and in refugee camps and effective methods to achieve these rights.

The training should contribute with:

  •  methodological and thematic knowledge necessary to work for the rights of youth
  • knowledge on working in a non-discriminatory and gender equal way

The trainer(s) should provide knowledge on working with youth in situations of conflict, occupation and/or youth in refugee camps.

If the trainer(s) have experience from the MENA region this is considered a strength.  

The trainer(s) will have two days to complete the training with 20 participants.

There should be an emphasis on participatory methods where participant’s own knowledge and experience is used.

It is the trainer’s responsibility to prepare the training in dialogue with Emmaus Björkå. The trainers should also carry out the training, make sure all necessary printed/electronic material is in place as well as give input to an evaluation of the network meeting (providing Emmaus Björkå staff with questions about the training to be included in a questionnaire).

Emmaus Björkå will arrange travel to/from the venue as well as accommodation and food.  We will also make sure the venue is equipped with the necessary tools according to your specifications. 


The trainer should have:

  • Demonstrated expertise in training, particularly in the field of  youth work, human rights, anti-discrimination and gender equality in situations of conflict, occupation and/or refugee camps
  • Experience doing training in international settings
  • Experience with participatory methods
  • Fluency in English

Fluency in Arabic as well as experience from the MENA region are considered strengths. 

The selection will be done by Emmaus Björkå. The expert will be evaluated against a combination of technical and financial criteria. Educational background, relevant experience and methodology will be taken into consideration. During the selection process Emmaus Björkå could ask you to participate in a phone/Skype meeting to answer questions regarding your tender.


Interested and qualified candidates are requested to apply (either as a team or individually). The application package should include the expert’s CV and a work plan including the following information:

  • A proposal for the work to be performed
  • Timeframe of the assignment in accordance with the points specified in this ToR
  • A budget including taxes and all costs (except travel, food and accommodation during the network meetings)

Applications are accepted via email only. Please send your tender to maria.padron@emmausbjorka.se. Deadline to send your application is April 1, 2019

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Maria Padrón Hernández: maria.padron@emmausbjorka.se