Eleven years to 2030 – how will businesses revolutionize sustainability?


Time is running out. The temperatures are rising, politics are polarising and negative effects on societies can be envisioned. In 2015 the leaders of our world united and promised to work for the 2030 Agenda – but a sustainable world needs actions. To battle the critical situation all forces must participate and unite to change the current path. Politicians, authorities, civil society and not the least, businesses. No one can be left behind.

All over the world we can witness how female entrepreneurs challenges old and discriminatory structures in countries such as India, Afghanistan and Somalia. In their local communities they fight to change the mentality of family members, neighbours and whole societies by breaking glass ceilings and questioning social norms. 

But when only 12% of ALL investments by financial institutions and businesses are sustainable, we need a radical change of committing towards sustainability.

Very welcome to a business discussion about the importance and the necessity of creating partnerships to use our different strengths to achieve a sustainable future.

Venue: Sverige i Världen, Donnersgatan 6, Almedalen
Time: Wednesday 3/7, 08:00-08:45
Hosts: Forum Syd & Hand in Hand


  • Wilo Abdulle, entrepreneur in Somalia, SSBP/Forum Syd grantee
  • Sandra Runsten, Sustainable Business Strategist, The New Division
  • Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainability, Nordea 
  • Stina Götbrink, Secretary General, Hand in Hand

Moderator: Peter Alestig, journalist, SvD