Forum Syd has been present in East Africa since the 1990s. The Nairobi office implements the country programmes in Kenya and coordinates projects in the region.
Membrs of Kinisa Women's group in Moyale
Members of Kinisa Women's group in Moyale. Photo: Fredrik Lerneryd

The Hub Eastern & Southern Africa interventions are mainly centered around civil society strengthening, social accountability and community empowerment interventions, with overarching objective of improving the democratic space in Kenya through fullfilment of rights, equal gender participation and sustainable use of natural resources. To effectively achieve this, Hub ESA works with a broad range of partners and stakeholders both local and international within the different spheres of its work.

The Tushirikishe Jamii and Jua Jimbo projects, implemented in 19 constituencies in Kenya with support of European Union and Department for International Development (DFID). The diversity and success of our work has been on multiple levels in Kenya and includes increased dialogue between duty bearers and rights holders, enhanced female voices in decision-making processes, advancing civil society’s role in devolved governance structures, empowering the most marginalized, and developing youth councils that promotes their participation in governance processes.

Forum Syd's social accountability model has contributed towards building confidence between duty bearers and rights holders in Kenya to have open dialogue about development processes. It has also enhanced synergies between civil society organisations regarding social accountability at both the county and national levels.