Consultancy for analysis and design of guidelines on Migration and Development

Job - Forum Syd

Consultancy for analysis and design of guidelines on how to work with Migration and  Development in LAC region

Forum Syd is a civil society member organisation that works with development issues from a rights-based perspective. Our vision is “a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change”. We work with advocacy and capacity building of partner organisations around the world, on issues relating to democracy and human rights. We mediate grants from Sida to Swedish organisations cooperating with local partners in 70 countries and Implement development programs with the support of the European Union in Colombia. We have offices in Sweden, Belarus, Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya, Liberia and Somalia. Forum Syd was founded in 1995 and is the largest civil society platform in Sweden with about 140-member organisations.

Hub Latin America and the Caribbean, placed in Bogotá, is responsible for managing programmes in Colombia and support the grant management process in several countries in the region.

Innovation is key to achieve Forum Syd´s goal of “Continuous improvement: Our processes are clearly defined, efficient and fully implemented. Leadership is clear and all decisions are guided by our purpose. We have improved results and increased the potential for synergies by innovating and by coordinating between organisational units, with our members, and through strategic partnerships.”

The implementation of pilot projects and prototypes to explore innovative work was included as part of the Civsam Programme application 2018 – 2022 Forum Syd. Working with diaspora groups in development cooperation is mentioned as one example of a thematic issue and a target group that would be relevant to explore further.

Within the Overall Plan for Operation 2018 – 2022 (2019) the following priority was set “LEARN FROM OUR INNOVATIVE WORK WITH MIGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT: We will evaluate and learn from our innovative work with migration and development in order to strategically improve our operations.” Thus, we will explore how to work with migration and development in LAC region; take into consideration the evaluations made to Forum Syd´s existing programmes that work with diaspora but also look into broader ways of working with the thematic area.

For those reasons, Hub LAC is now looking for a consultant to develop a study on how to work with migration and development in LAC Region. This consultant is located at Forum Syd's office in Bogotá, Colombia. The consultancy will start tentatively in the middle of September 2019, for three months.

Please send your application in English and Spanish to; and, with the subject: "Consultancy in migration and development" not later than September 23th, 2019 at 8 am Colombian time.

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