A civil society for the future

The political landscape has changed since the world agreed on the 2030 Agenda. Human rights and democracy are increasingly attacked when nationalism, populism and protectionism are growing stronger.

International commitments like the Paris Agreement are being questioned and the space for civil society is shrinking rapidly; journalists, human rights activists and completely ordinary people who raise their voices are met by threats and violence - an alarming trend where the democratic space is decreasing globally for the thirteenth year in a row.

It is during these circumstances that Forum Syd celebrates 25 years of work for people's right to organise - and we are needed more than ever. Thus, People and Power is not only about celebration, but also mobilisation!

Kollage av människor som demonstrerar, globala målen och svenska riksdagen.

An action plan for 2020 and beyond

When the most important force for democracy and human rights is under attack, we - the civil society, must prepare, unite and mobilize to turn the tide. In order to change the critical situation, all forces must participate and work together. 

Forum Syd invites members, partners, activists, entrepreneurs and politicians to find courage, power and strategies to reverse the trend of shrinking space.

With People and Power we want to set an action plan for a united and strengthened civil society that will make the 2020s the decade of change. A decade where we increase the space for civil society and defend democracy and the equal value and rights of all people.

In order to best prepare ourselves, we want discussions where we challenge already well-used methods and thinking about aid and development cooperation. We want to find new ways to mobilization, activism and strategies for creating democratic change.

When and where

From 15th to 16th of May at Finlandshuset in Stockholm, Sweden.


The event is organised by Forum Syd together with our member organisations. The programme is decided by a steering committee consisting of our members and works in cooperation with the Forum Syd administration.

If you have any questions or want to submit a proposal for the program please contact Ida Ragnarsson at ida.ragnarsson@forumsyd.org.