Glocal Voices 2: Gender based violence in the context of Covid-19

News - 2020-08-03
On Thursday 6th August 2020, ForumCiv will be delivering the second version of Glocal Voices, an international webinar where we bring local voices to a global context, with the purpose of promoting dialogue and exchange scenarios with partner organisations from the different regions where ForumCiv has a presence.
Glocal Voices 2

Covid-19 is still a global issue and will remain to be for still some time, as the re-emergence of cases in many countries and regions around the world is a situation that sends the message to the human species that we will still have to deal with this health crisis for at least some more months.

At ForumCiv we have been aware of the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, especially regarding human rights and space for civil society, as governments have been responding with diverse measures that can actually have undesired consequences on social and political conditions. There is also a special concern regarding the increase of gender-based violence due to the exceptional situation many countries are experiencing (confinement, economical crisis, unemployment, discrimination, uncertainty, etc.). 

In this second Glocal Voices webinar, we will talk about how civil society is coping with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on gender issues and mainly on gender-based violence, in Europe, West Africa, and Latin America. We have participants from Sweden, Belarus, Colombia, and Liberia, who will share their insights and ideas in a 90-minute live chat.

Join the discussion and ask your question to the participants on either our Facebook or YouTube-channel. 

Date: Thursday 6th August

Time: 08.30 AM (Colombia), 13:30 PM (Liberia), 03.30 PM (Sweden), 04.30 PM (Belarus)

The discussion is moderated by Valeria Saray, ForumCiv Gender specialist and PME officer, Hub LAC

Get to know the participants:

Natia Gvianishvili - RFSL

Natia is the advocacy program manager at RFSL - The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights, with focus on Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. Before taking the position at RFSL, Natia worked within the feminist and LGBTQ movement in Georgia, where she was involved in community building, research, advocacy and visibility since 2009. 

Tatiana Stryzheuskaya - Her Rights

LLB EHU (Lithuania), LLM cum laude QMUL (UK). Tatiana is a Belarusian human rights lawyer with specialisation in international human rights law. Tatiana is particularly interested in international litigation of women's and children's human rights and national implementation of socio-economic rights of women. She joined Belarusian women human rights organisation 'Her rights' in 2019 and in 2020 became a Director.

Carli Castillo - Fundación GAAT

Trans/non-binary person with studies in social sciences, arts and gender. For three years, Carli has been working with the foundation "Grupo de Acción y Apoyo a personas Trans" GAAT  (Action and Support group for Trans people) in the development of different projects aimed at the Trans and LGB population in Colombia.

Zenabia T. Taylor - Impact Girls

Founder & Executive Director of Impact Girls, a woman led organization that is leading in promoting gender equality and education in Liberia. Zenabia is currently a civic leader with interest in helping communities strive and succeed through organizing and implementing activities that influenced transformation in her community and country Liberia. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in public Administration from Cuttington University, Zenabia is an advocate, mentor, trainer and a transformation leader, and the chief convener of the Annual Women and Girls Empowerment Summit (AWOGES).

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