7 recommendations for EU policymakers after the development in Georgia

News - 2024-06-10
After the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence in Georgia, here are seven concrete actions that EU Decision Makers need to take.

On 29 May 2024, The Eastern Partnership Network arranged a webinar where seven concrete actions where highlighted.

Here are our recommendations for EU policymakers 

1. Support European integration

  • Continue supporting the Georgian people's aspirations for European and North Atlantic integration.
  • Provide political support and funding to strengthen civil society and democratic values in Georgia.

2. Sanctions and accountability

  • Sanction individuals responsible for the democratic backsliding and the implementation of restrictive laws.
  • Avoid punishing the public to prevent disillusionment with EU support.

3. Monitoring and oversight

  • Closely monitor the human rights environment, especially before the parliamentary election.
  • Vigilantly oversee Georgia's informal relationships with Russia and China.
  • Recognize individuals fined, imprisoned, or injured as political prisoners. 

 4. Support for civil society

  • Continue and enhance support for NGOs and independent media.
  • Provide flexible, decentralized funding to grassroots organizations.
  • Encourage and support the work of civil society organizations in monitoring human rights. 

5. Clear messaging and pressure

  • Deliver unambiguous messages and clearly assign blame for anti-democratic actions.
  • Shift from providing incentives to imposing penalties, considering the threat of removal of the visa liberalization regime.
  • Pressure the Georgian opposition to channel protest energy into political action and achieve political results.

6. Regional and geopolitical context

  • Develop a Georgia policy within a broader strategy against Russia and China, considering the regional context.
  • Formulate coalitions of willing partners within the EU and with other Western countries if necessary. 

7. Continued engagement

  • Sweden and other EU member states to maintain and potentially recalibrate support for Georgian civil society and independent media.
  • Focus on advancing gender equality, LGBTQI rights, and media rights.
Watch the full webinar!

Our expert panel provides nuanced perspectives on the new legislation and propose concrete actions for the EU decision-makers to address the situation.

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