Our theory of change

Forum Syd has conceptualised its theory of change as a tool for setting realistic project goals and for visualising, learning from and describing the kind of change that a project has achieved.
Forum Syd's theory of change

Forum Syd believes that change occurs when people join together to claim their rights and take control of their lives. We believe that it is the people themselves who can best describe their problems and propose solutions. A strong civil society comprising of effective organisations has the power to establish an effective dialogue with power holders to change conditions and manage their own solutions.

Forum Syd´s theory of change shows both how we go about effecting change and the level – individual, government or civil society – at which the change is to occur. The model also summarizes the principle that it is the organisations themselves that are the drivers of change.

The model helps us to understand and learn from what happens when we run activities and to describe the kind of change that a specific project has achieved. These experiences are valuable, and if we continuously learn and adapt we will be able to contribute to a just and sustainable society in which all people have the power to change their lives.