Environment and climate

Forum Syd actively promotes a sustainable use of the world’s natural resources and believes that social progress, environmental quality and economic growth are interlinked and cannot be developed in isolation.
Two men walking through a green field

It is estimated that there are now over one billion poor people, seventy per cent of whom are directly and wholly dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. Every year, about twelve million hectares of fertile soil is degraded by erosion, acidification, salinisation and carbon leakage, while over eighty per cent of the diseases that ravage developing countries are the direct consequence of unsafe water and poor sanitation.

The ability to adapt to climate change is a question of social justice. Rich countries are the ones that historically are responsible for the majority of carbon dioxide emissions, but it has been countries with low socio-economic status that have had to deal with the negative consequences.

Forum Syd uses the rights-based approach to implement environmentally conscious programmes. We believe that underlying structural causes and power relations are affecting both environmental problems and adaptation to climate change. Social and environmental challenges are interdependent and therefore both need to be considered in the work for sustainability. Poverty can be exacerbated by environmental improvements and vice versa.