Development cooperation

The core of Forum Syd´s work is strengthening civil society organisations as agents of change, fostering dialogue with diverse stakeholders and producing synergies towards a more just and sustainable world.
Women group in Somalia learning about human rights
These women get vocational training through Somaliland Youth Development Association and Forum Syd. Photo: Rodrigo Arce

Forum Syd believes in the vital role of civil society in contributing to the fulfilment of human rights, particularly by focusing on non-discrimination and active popular participation that makes democracy possible.

A strong and active civil society empowers people to change their lives and transforms their communities at a local, regional, national and global level. The diversity of civil society adds value in that it gives a wide range of groups a voice and power to effect change, transform power relations and influence the political agenda.

Everything we do as a platform for civil society organisations and through our own programmes and projects is done in the name of democracy and human rights. With our development perspectives - conflict and do no harm, gender equality and equity, environment and climate - we ensure that the work that the civil society is doing is sustainable and does not cause harm. Through our change model, we identify which actors and what interventions are crucial to achieve democratisation and sustainable change.