Advocacy work

Together with partners in developing countries and member organisations, Forum Syd is advocating to influence Swedish and European policies towards a fair and sustainable world.

Major progress has been made to reduce poverty and strengthen the respect for human rights in the world. Nevertheless, people still live in poverty in many places, there are serious violations of human rights and countries affected by conflict. The root causes of this are often found in unfair global political and economic structures, authoritarian regimes, and in countries with weak institutions and unequal distribution of resources. By enhancing knowledge and advocating on critical issues, Forum Syd works to change the global structures that create poverty and violate human rights.

Forum Syd keeps an active dialogue with decision makers to influence Sweden's and EU’s policies. We are a strong voice in the public debate to create opinion and ensure that voices from developing countries are heard in the Swedish debate. Forum Syd is enhancing the knowledge of other civil society organisations through seminars, analyses and reports so that they, in turn, can act towards a fair and sustainable development.

Together we bring change

As Sweden’s largest platform for civil society, Forum Syd's advocacy work is often conducted in close cooperation with partners in developing countries, member organizations, and Swedish or international networks. Together, we work towards a fair and sustainable world where all people have the power effect change.