How we work

Forum Syd works for a just and sustainable world in which all people have the power to change their living conditions.
Peace demonstration Bogota 2013
Peace demonstration Bogotá 2013. Photo: Rodrigo Arce

Forum Syd works with change across the globe by creating strong civil societies and changing attitudes from discriminatory social structures. This we do with our numerous partners and our dedication to democracy, equality and the sustainable use of natural resources. 

When people learn about their rights and gain influence in society through strong organisations, and when power-holders are made aware of their obligations and honour them – this is when lasting change can be achieved

We support and educate

We strive to maintain a high standard in our work and to provide continual support and education on development issues, which we do directly by helping local organisations and indirectly by mediating grants to Swedish organisations. We also support information and communication campaigns in Sweden.