Most of our interventions in Eastern and Southern Africa are centred on civil society strengthening and deepening democracy and human rights through the fulfilment of rights, equal gender participation and sustainable use of natural resources. To effectively achieve this, ForumCiv regional office Eastern and Southern Africa works with a broad range of partners and stakeholders, both local and international, within the different spheres of its work. 

Currently, ForumCiv's regional office Eastern and Southern Africa implements four innovative programmes.

Our ongoing project in Eastern and Southern Africa

The Wajibu Wetu programme

The phase III of the Wajibu Wetu Programme, Wajibu Wetu; Jumuika, Sikika! supports the new frontier of media, arts, cultural and gender-focused civil society organizations using innovative approaches to strengthen democratic culture, accountability, gender equality, and climate justice.

The PPDP Programme

The inclusive growth through decent work in the Great Rift Valley programme, commonly referred to as PPDP is an innovative project based on the Public-Private Development Partnership (PPDP) model and aims at poverty reduction and improved living conditions through decent work and access to rights-based services.

The SASA programme

The SASA (strengthen agency for social accountability) programme seek to promote inclusive governance and human rights; strengthen agency towards gender equality; enhance civil society solidarity, networks, and movement building; and civil society's organizational and programmatic capacity development in Kenya and Tanzania. 

The EAST programme

The EAST (enhancing artivism for social transformations) programme aims to strengthen the capacity of the creative sector and media to advocate for democracy, good governance, human rights, gender equality, and climate justice in Kenya.

From 2020 to 2023 the ForumCiv Eastern and Southern Africa has been implementing the Paid to Poop project funded by Vinnova through MAD (Make A Difference) Foundation. The project is aimed at improving sanitation in Bwaise slums in Uganda through sustainable solutions that generate revenue for the community. 

Previously, ForumCiv had implemented two governance projects, the Tushirikishe Jamii and Jua Jimbo projects, in 19 sub-counties in Kenya with the support of European union and department for international development (DFID). 

Prioritized thematic areas

There is great demand globally for protection of human rights, strengthening rights holder participation in decision making and making institutions accountable. This requires strengthening of civil society organizations who are now working in repressive environments, as well as other who are working towards sustainable development. 

To promote human rights and democracy in the Eastern and Southern Africa region, ForumCiv partner with civil society organizations and creative actors through use of innovative approaches such as use of music, media, artivism, cultural festivals, documentaries, and investigative journalism. We addresses key issues such as shrinking civic space and interference with media and freedom of expression. We also focus on leadership and governance issues by holding governments accountable for corruption and lack of transparency. 

Despite the progress made in gender equality through shifts in laws, policies, and social norms, women remain underrepresented in leadership. Violence against women and girls is still high and access to reproductive health and rights remains a challenge in Eastern and Southern Africa region. Regional office Eastern and Southern Africa works towards ensuring that marginalised groups particularly women and youth are not excluded in the economic and political processes in the region. This is through advocating for the participation of marginalized groups in decision making at all levels of the society. 

Eastern and Southern Africa region is among the worst hit regions by effects of climate change. This calls for countries to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change. ForumCiv works with civil society organizations and community-based organizations in advocating for sustainable business models that do not harm the environment. This is through building the capacity of these organizations to participate in climate change related policy issues and facilitate dialogue between rights holders and duty bearers. Additionally, ForumCiv works with lawmakers in various countries within the region to contribute to the development of responsive policies to issues of environment and climate change. 

The human desire to seek better living conditions, peaceful and free environment is at the core of the migration-development nexus. The Eastern and Southern Africa region continues to experience an increase in migration and changing patterns in migration resulting in countries playing the roles of origin, transit and destination simultaneously. The increase in volume of migration has seen an increase in violation of migrants in countries of transit and destination whose rights need protection.  

Regional office Eastern and Southern Africa partners with organizations dealing with migration and development to promote rights of migrants and empower them as development actors. 

When I was in high school, I loved Physics. I also loved stuff to do with electrical and engineering. In my community, there weren't many people who could partake in such a course. Through the Inclusive Growth Project, I was supported to undergo the course. I attended the course, got the knowledge, and have since graduated with a certificate. With the certificate, I can apply for electrical engineering jobs in companies.

Joy Kisotu, Electrician 

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Nairobi, Kenya 

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ForumCiv formerly laid roots in East Africa with the establishment of the Nairobi office in 2008 serving as the Kenya country office between 2012 and 2016. Beginning January 2017 ForumCiv Kenya transformed from a country office into a regional office for Eastern and Southern Africa region, with the mandate to provide and administer sub-grants, as well as to develop new innovative programmes, new partnerships, and engagement with donors in the region. 

Key documents and links

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Strategic plan 2021–2025
Strategic plan for ForumCiv regional office Eastern and Southern Africa.


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