ForumCiv Cambodia supports the communities that are in remote areas or less served by development support, are self-relying, have agency, and can exert and fulfil their rights to governance over their natural resources, improving their livelihood, influencing democratic society, enacting gender equality, and becoming more resilient to environmental and climate changes.

Examples of what ForumCiv contributes to

ForumCiv Cambodia supports the role of civil society in marginalized communities, particularly to support community based organizations to be fully inclusive so that as many community members as possible are being represented. It is the community members who should be fully engaged to identify the needs and problems to be addressed, and be supported so they can learn, organize themselves, and build the necessary partnerships to promote sustainable development and democratic society.

Over the years we are proud to have been part of:

  • Supporting 271 communities.
  • Supported legal registration of 56 organizations.
  • Supported communities that provided protection of 716 thousand hectares of forest,
  • Which spared 42,2 million tons of carbon from polluting the air.

Strengthening civil society and local communities to increase their influence over decision making has improved environmental and climate impacts as well as combating poverty. For example, in the context where indigenous people derive their livelihood from natural resources, food security and incomes have improved. In some areas such as Save Cambodia’s Wildlife’s direct target communities, poverty rates have been cut down to half, from 17.6% to 9.5%.

A view over the fish conservation area with a boat in the center.
The Fish Conservation area during the dry season. Photo: ForumCiv
Picture taken from a boat on the water in Tonle Sap areas.
1 041 of 1 542 households are fishers, and they can earn an average 40,000 Riel per day from fishing activities in Tonle Sap areas. Photo: ForumCiv

Our ongoing projects in Cambodia

ForumCiv Cambodia manage a small grants facility that supports four local non-governmental organizations to build capacity of community based organizations responsible for natural resources management in the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (TSBR) to respond to environmental change.

The small grants will provide support to 32 community based organizations (31 community fisheries and 1 community protected area) in all six provinces in the TSBR to build their understanding of future changes, develop and pilot locally appropriate, pragmatic activities to protect fisheries where possible, and adapt to changing water levels.

ForumCiv will provide training and ongoing management support to local non-governmental organizations to strengthen their capacity to implement the grants and deliver the training package to community based organizations, and to understand how to integrate adaptation to environmental change into their ongoing support to communities.

Contact details to our office

Telephone: +855 12 803 201

Office address:
Apartment 72, 2nd floor, Street 456
Sangkat Toul Tom Pong 1, Khan Chamkamorn
Phnom Penh, Cambodia