Forum Syd gives financial support to civil society organisations working for human
rights to be accessible for all people. We support civil society in nearly 70 countries by implementing our own programmes and by funding partnership projects between local organisations and their Swedish counterparts, including foreign Diaspora organisations present in Sweden.

The aim of Forums Syd’s development cooperation is for marginalised people living in poverty to gain greater democratic influence and access to their rights. The results of this work are intended to lead to change in the interests of a just, equal and environmentally sustainable society. Forum Syd does not channel funds to infrastructure projects of disaster relief.

The inserted image below depicts a full project cycle and holds separate sections of Forum Syd's processes for handling organisational reviews, project applications, implementation of projects and project reporting. In the subset of the pages under Sub-granting these sections will be further elaborated.

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There are several programmes from which Civil Society Organisations can apply for grants. All programmes have special terms and conditions. On the web pages of different programmes you can find the information you need in order to apply. Please make your selection below.