Forum Syd partnership with Business Sweden to bolster entrepreneurship in Somalia

Forum Syd partnership with Business Sweden to bolster entrepreneurship in Somalia

Forum Syd, which has worked with the Swedish-Somali civil society organisations for many years, is launching a partnership with Business Sweden in a Sida-funded development program. The purpose of the three-year program is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get involved in Somalia.

“Through the collaboration with Business Sweden, Forum Syd now heads into a new level where it can help more people get the opportunity for sustainable livelihoods in Somalia,” says Lisa Sjöblom, Secretary General of Forum Syd.

Rights-based entrepreneurship

Business Sweden will market the program and evaluate the applications from a business perspective. Business Sweden will also educate companies that receive financing on issues of entrepreneurship. A company can apply for grants from 35 000 up to 200 000 (SEK!) counterclaim that the entrepreneur can stand for the same amount.

Forum Syd examines in turn the requests from a rights-based perspective and educates companies on gender equality, human rights and environmental sustainability.

The program will contribute to the development of businesses where environmental and social aspects outweigh the economic. We contribute to our long experience of working in Somalia and excellence of rights-based work and equality, says Lisa Sjöblom.

Applications in construction

 Forum Syd will during the spring of 2016 hire five new employees to handle the program; three in Sweden and two in Somalia. Business Sweden will build a special website where all the information about the program and how to apply for money will be posted. This site is expected to be completed during the summer and the first applications are likely to be received until the autumn in 2016.

Updated: 2016-03-31