About Forum Syd

Forum Syd is a non-political NGO. We see lack of development as a lack of rights. Long-term results are therefore based on people becoming aware of their rights and obligations. Forum Syd supports people in doing just that. Working for human rights is long term and is based on the existing basic structure of society. Only when you have created an awareness of human rights at the grassroots level we can build and achieve sustainable results.

In our work we focus on the issues of democracy, gender equality and sustainable use of natural resources. Forum Syd has offices in 6 countries. Work is conducted in cooperation with partner organizations in the local community, to reach out to the population. But Forum Syd is also an organisation commissioned by Sida to forward Swedish aid funds to other Swedish organisations. In addition to reviewing applications and reports Forum Syd also provides a wide range of courses and training in rights-based development work. Forum Syd also seeks to promote sustainable development agenda. It's about driving in areas such as sustainable development and capital flight or questions regarding priorities in the context of Swedish development and cooperation.

Updated: 2016-04-28