Somali Diaspora Programme

Description of the Somalia Diaspora Programme
The need to build and strengthen the institutions of the Somali society is an important part of the reconstruction of the country, and a prerequisite for poverty reduction and peace building.

Forum Syd has therefore a special programme focusing at the Swedish-Somali diaspora organisations in Sweden. The aim is to support ethnic Somali groups residing in Sweden - often as a result of forced migration - so that they can participate in development cooperation with their homeland Somalia.

Invitation to apply for funding
Forum Syd invites Swedish-Somali diaspora organisations to apply for funding for projects that targets the aims to support and realise awareness building, knowledge and understanding of claiming human rights, civil society strengthening, gender equality, and sustainable use of natural resources. The Somalia Diaspora Programme aims at empowering the marginalised, particularly woman and youth, in Somalia. The programme utilises the diaspora as a means to build awareness of the roles and obligations that both rights-holders and duty-bearers have. This is at the core of the Somalia Diaspora Programme and it runs across all levels in Somalia (community and national).

All application for project funding through the Somalia Diaspora Programme shall be implemented in close collaboration with a local organisation in Somalia.

Somalia Diaspora Programme targets the following areas:

  • Democracy and Human Rights

Marginalised people (Rights holders) and CSOs have increased their involvement and dialogue with local and federal authorities (duty-bearers). They have gained a greater knowledge of claiming rights and participating in democratic processes, decision-making and accountability mechanisms. Duty-bearers have increased their understanding of a rights based approach.

  • Gender Equality

Women and girls have increased understanding and knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and strengthened participation in civil society organisations.  Men, women, girls and boys have greater awareness of the processes that reduce Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

  • Sustainable Livelihoods

Increased awareness concerning sustainable livelihoods and sustainable natural resource management and their corresponding rights (for example: food, water, waste, energy and sanitation).

  • Regional Initiatives

Somali civil society organisations in the three targeted regions across Somalia have increased dialogue, understanding and linkages.

  • Building capacity for partnerships

Somali CBOs have increased their organisational capacity (processes, systems and structures) to become partners of Somali diaspora organisations in Sweden.

Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants from the Swedish-Somali diaspora organisations based and registered in Sweden may apply for funding. The applicant must be a voluntary non-profit organisations or a foundation. Applicants from Swedish organisations with focus on migration and participation of the Somali Diaspora are also welcomed to apply.

All organisations will be subject to an organisational assessment prior to the submission of an application of funding. You will find additional information by reading Vilka organisationer kan söka bidrag (in Swedish only).

Please send the appropriate documentation by e-mail for organisational assessment as soon as possible for this to be conducted by Forum Syd.

How to apply?
You will find appropriate information on how to apply here (in Swedish only).

When being eligible to apply, the application for funding should be submitted digitally through our website (in Swedish only). Select the appropriate type of project that your organisation would like to apply for – you will find more information regarding the different types of project here (in Swedish only).

In addition to the digital submission, the application should be printed out, signed by the signatories of the organisation and posted to Forum Syd. Forum Syd will start the assessment once your organisation is eligible to apply and the signed application has been received by Forum Syd.

You can submit your completed application to Forum Syd three times a year:
Between 1-7 February, 1-7 May and 15-22 October.

If you still have questions about the program and how to apply, call
or e-mail our advisor
Saif Omar, Phone: 08- 506 37168, Friday between 13.30 and 16.30 or send an e-mail to:

Updated: 2017-06-01