Film on Cerrejón in English

Human rights violations for indigenous people

Cerrejon coal mine in the province of La Guajira in Colombia is one of the world's largest open pit mine. It has been heavily criticized over 30 years as people have been driven from their land and lost their livelihoods. Pollutants from the mine has led to serious environmental and health problems in the area. Coal mine consumes large amounts of water, which has led to water shortages for local people. Serious human rights violations have taken place and particularly indigenous people have been affected.

Two activists tell their story about the coal mine

In the film about the coal mine (in the box to the right) Danilo Urrea and Samuel Arregocés tell their story about the mining company Cerrejóns expansion in Colombia and it's consequences. Danilo Urrea works for CENSAT, Friends of the Earth Colombia, which is a cooperation partner of Forum Syd in Colombia. Samuel Arregocés was one of 5000 people who lived in the village of Tabaco who were displaced in 2001 by the mining company Cerrejon.

Updated: 2016-01-21